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Sowing the seeds for tomorrow’s agriculture

Nowadays agriculture is facing a crucial challenge: improving the financial performance of production systems in a sustainable way while reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture.

Our Eco Performance® solutions are designed to meet this challenge. Our Eco Performance® solutions are based on 3 key concepts:

• Dynamic Innovation strategy

• Integrated approach of production systems

• Providing customer support and advice



Eco Performance®: 3 key concepts

     » Dynamic innovation strategy:

Scientific progress is the driving force behind Eco Performance®. JD innovation is focused on breakthrough genetic science, new seed related technologies, adjuvants and bioscience solutions.

Scientific progress becomes a source of sustainable alternative solutions for optimizing added value.

» Integrated approach of production systems:

Agronomy is back at the heart of crop management.

Implementing our Eco Performance® solutions requires a thorough understanding of crop production mechanisms and their interaction with the environment.

This systemic approach involves the capacity to control and optimize the way in which our new solutions are integrated. 

Once again, agronomy is an essential requirement for ‘sustainable production’.

  » Providing customer support and advice:

Service to customers that contributes to the development agriculture in a both competitive and environmentally safe way.

Our field teams are dedicated to providing local service and support to customers. Their in-depth expertise of agricultural systems and the support and advice they provide guarantee that our Eco Performance®solutions are successfully implemented.

An approach based on progress and valuing the role of farmers in providing quality.

Eco Performance® challenges

Conciliating the financial performance of agricultural systems and protection of the environment

Ensuring the continuity of all agricultural sectors

• Increasing yield and generating added-value that can be shared

Preserving natural resources

• Building a positive image of agriculture

• Enabling farmers to feel proud of their work

Strengthening the links between the different players

• Building customer trust


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