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Eco Performance®, driving growth for all!

We are experiencing a time of significant change.



In a time where agriculture must be able to feed an ever growing world population, it must also be capable of meeting new economic and social challenges, while at the same time complying with new regulation standards.


‘Sustainable production’ is a basic principle for tomorrow’s agriculture, an agriculture which conciliates yield performance and protection of the environment.

After several years of being actively involved in preserving the environment, JD is now dedicated to developing its Eco Performance® Scheme. An exclusive offer by JD.


With Eco Performance®, JD aims to gain a competitive edge through innovation and customer services. For forage crops, combinable crops and specialized crops, this dynamic strategy is based on promoting innovative products, but most importantly it involves developing sustainable farming based on agronomic fundamentals.


Implementing Eco Performance® also implies that we provide advice and support to our commercial partners. This customized service, based on customer feedback and support, aims to help customers opt for the right solution in terms of innovative technology.


Eco Performance® positions itself as a new alternative, a sustainable source aimed at optimizing added-value, and as a means of redefining agriculture.




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